Review: Achieve your Kilay goals with K-Palette’s 1 day Eyebrow Tattoo

The packaging of this product is misleading and inaccurate.

Only because this eyebrow tattoo lasts not only for 1 day but for an astonishing 7 days! 

And for tamad girls like me, that is good news! While majority of girls love to have that long lasting eyebrow, i’m sure you will agree that making it up everyday is too time consuming. Kudos to all the wonder women out there who has the ability to fix their brows. Personally, I would rather add 15 minutes sleep time than wake up early to have enough time to fix this pair. That is why my kilay looks so bland every single day.

I was skeptic when I saw this product in a convenience store in Japan but since I felt that it was a steal given that it’s only sold for around 450php, I bought it. 

Applying the product is just the same as how you would usually draw on your eyebrows. You may follow the stencil which comes along the product or you may trace the natural shape of your brows just like how I’ve done it. 

It looks awkward at first and I had to bear the look for two hours. Afterwhich, the tattoo is peeled and voila!

The ultimate test on the day I used this was swimming. I stayed in the pool for around 4 hours and took a bath the usual way I do it which is without any special consideration of my newly tattooed brows. The result is amazing!

The strength of the color toned down for a bit but it was still there! It lasted for around 7 days too and the look just became more natural as the days went by. 

So my verdict- this is definitely worth the price! 

Do you use any product which works better than this? Would love to hear your eyebrow savior 🙂 


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