Back at it

After half a year of total hiatus, I’m back at it again.

I’ve missed this feeling of staying up late while everyone is fast asleep, lights off, computer screen bright while I type away my thoughts.

Six months. Amazing how perspectives change in just a short span of time. Six months ago, my thoughts were on places I wanted to go. Now suddenly I’m thinking about housing plans, managing my finances better and growing my income. Not that I don’t think about fun and adventure; it’s just that it has taken the back seat on this ride and it doesn’t matter that much anymore.

No, marriage is not in the picture.Β Probably with age? I turned 25 early this year and have thought hard about how the past years went. I saw bad and uninformed decisions done in the past and while I think about how things could have been better, I came across this quote:

“Lord, give me the grace of failing early.” I’m thankful that I’m still 25.

So I guess, this is how “adult-ing” really feels.


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