More Than Just a Climb: Mt. Romelo

Consistent with most friendship plans, those that were planned in a rush are those that happen. All it took was less than a week of researching and voila- off to the mountain we went.

We rode the DLTB Bus to Sta. Cruz at around 4am. We reached Siniloan, Laguna at around 6:30am and started the climb at around 7am.

Tip #1: Our guide said that the fx at Star Mall or the Raymond Bus at Legarda Station is a better transportation option. It is faster and cheaper. Had we taken that option and left at the same time, he said we could have started the climb at around 5:30am. The mountain is open 24 hrs and there are even some who opts for a night trek.

Various writings has mentioned that the difficulty of this mountain is just 2 out of 9. It was even tagged as a chill climb because aside from being fairly easy, this mountain is also graced with 7 falls which you can visit along the way.


In real life though, it is more than the 2 out of 9 difficulty level. We went on August and the night before our climb it rained so the trail was extremely muddy.

It somehow made the climb fun because when you slip and dip your foot in the mud, you can’t help but just laugh at your self and your friends.


Tip #2: If like me, you don’t own a proper hiking shoe. Please invest in one. It’s very, very difficult to use running shoes. More so, it will murder your rubber shoes.

The summit of Mt. Romelo unlike others is a plateau. You won’t see a peak as in the usual and it’s found midway to the first falls. The summit is decorated with a beautiful kind of grass and is overlooking the Sierra Madre that you’ll definitely have a good rest from all the assault.

Photo 11-09-2016, 9 04 31 AM.jpg

Now to the falls! The other three are far and dangerous to reach so in the interest of time, we went to only four.

Photo 11-09-2016, 10 41 25 AM.jpg
Buruwisan Falls. Regarded as the most majestic of the seven.
Photo 11-09-2016, 12 05 53 PM.jpg
Lanzones Falls.
Photo 11-09-2016, 1 10 13 PM.jpg
Batya-batya Falls. The buwis buhay falls! We had to cross a neck-level river to reach this falls. To cross over to the next one, we had to climb the rocky falls and climb another mini falls. Good thing we have a very good guide!
Photo 11-09-2016, 3 26 01 PM.jpg
Sampaloc Falls.

The way to the last falls is full of Limitak especially if you will be climbing on a rainy day. My friend was bitten by four!

Tip #3: Alcohol kills the limatiks. Better, use off lotion. I found one limatik iin my socks but it didn’t bite me because I generously applied an insect repellent lotion before the climb. It’s just my theory but no harm in trying!

Photo 11-09-2016, 9 05 45 AM.jpg

Tip #4: Disregard my pabebe pose and look at Kuya Marvin our guide instead. I felt it was good I was able to communicate with a guide beforehand. If you’re going there I highly encourage that you contact Kuya Marvin at 09219598138. He’s very resourceful, very cool and very supportive. My friends and I loved that he’s not the type of guide who isolates himself. The guide fee is fixed at P600 but if you’re able to give more, please do so.

Over all, it’s indeed a sulit trip. Laguna is very accessible, even the travel back is easy as well. The falls, the scenery, the buko juice on the way and the limatik attack made it really more than just a climb! 🙂


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