To An Artsy Wonderland: Pinto Art Museum

We turned two last month and the surprise was a museum tour to Antipolo’s Pinto Art Museum.

I’m not sure how the name came to be but I feel that it embodies what the word Pinto means in the vernacular which is translated as Door, because this place is indeed a door to a world of art and wonder.

The museum which is located at the city of Antipolo houses the artworks of more than ten contemporary, indigenous and classical genre artists. With more than a hectare of land area of two-floored galleries, you’ll need at least 3 to 4 hours to explore this art haven.

This picture from one of the galleries fascinated and overwhelmed me the most because of the huge artwork it displayed! This piece was from a collaboration of multiple artists but look at how unified it still appeared.

Another favorite of mine is this artwork below which is about triathlon. This portion shows the swimming piece and the other two beside this shows the cycling and running portion.

Aside from the overwhelming artworks, the architecture and interior design of this museum is superb as well.

My personal favorite is the indigenous art gallery where hand-weaved fabrics and other indigenous artifacts such as the Bul-ol were displayed. It’s mind boggling how the pattern of each fabric were manually done.

There is also a store which sells these fabrics straight from Ilocos where the 93-year od national artist Magdalena Gamayo and her apprentices weave them.

In the same store we learned that someone from the line of Apo Whang-od accepts traditional tattoo requests for a specific price.

For an entrance fee of two hundred, you’ll get to enjoy a unique art experience and learn more about the Philippine’s culture and great artists. Definitely a sulit trip!


  • Better to go on a weekday to avoid a crowded place
  • Be prepared for the traffic going home because of the on going construction of the LRT (spent almost 5 hours on the way home due to the traffic!)

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